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  • End of Year Flipgrid

    Make a video using Flipgrid and answer the following questions. Log into Flipgrid with your school email and password. Log in with Google. 🗣️ Tell me some good things about the Virtual Academy. 🛎 What was your favorite part about this school year? 🤗 Why did you like learning with your parents? Or guardians? ❤️ Tell me why other students should attend […]

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  • Tech for Littles

    Google for Littles Coding for Littles My YouTube Channel Live Stream: Current Events: May 20th 10 am Shapegrams – live-streamed on my Youtube channel June 3rd 10 am Breakout Game Meet Past Events: PETS ON THE GO – April 15th at 10 am MEET: COPY Earth Day for Littles – April 22nd 10 am […]

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