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Children’s Books Channels and Video Playlists


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Children’s Books Channels and Playlists

Storyline Online – YouTube link
This channel features celebrities reading storybooks along with animations created from the book illustrations.

KidLit TV – YouTube link
This is a playlist with dozens of children’s books being read by the authors, provided by KidLit TV.

Puffin Books – YouTube link
Although the Puffin channel includes a wide range of book-related videos, they also have quite a few stories being read by authors or celebrities.

Story Time for Children – YouTube link
Story Time for children comes from a collaboration of Toddler Fun Learning and Ladybird books, and offers a wide collection of children’s books with creative sound effects, zooming, and panning.

Kid Time Story Time – YouTube link
The narrator for these books uses puppets and lots of great voices when reading, and adds many comments and questions during the story to dig deeper.

Grandpa Tom – YouTube link
Grandpa Tom makes great use of panning and zooming to follow the action on each page, as well as engaging voices for the characters.

Books in song by Vancemo – YouTube link
For a fun twist, this playlist contains children’s books that are sung rather than being read. For each book the text of the book is sung as a song to an original tune.

More Sources

Beyond these examples, there are so many more channels and playlists on YouTube with books being read aloud. Below is a list of those I came across, although a simple search for any book title will likely find others for you.

Additional Resources

For additional tips and tricks on using the YouTube videos you find, see my other helpful posts linked below: