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Bobbie Grennier

GoBubble for Our Virtual Academy

Dear students and parents, please read the following information regarding a new educational tool I am implementing for our PVUSD Virtual Academy class.

From Ms. Grennier:

GoBubble is a social media tool specifically for kids. It has filters that keep the conversations and images appropriate. It is meant to teach students how to use social media in appropriate ways while allowing them engagement with each other.

During this time of Distance Learning students need a way to be able to communicate with each other to learn socialization skills and not be so lonely. I think GoBubble can help. A kid-safe space and the ability for them to stay connected, it’s a win-win for education.

So, let’s give it a try. The success of this tool is that it’s social media on training wheels.

I will be following up on this email with an email to your child. In that email, they will be given their own username and password for GoBubble. This information should remain private. I encourage parents to document this information and to visit GoBubble with your child.

GoBubbleFrom GoBubble:

Great news! We are using GoBubble as a free tool in school to support our learning. It can be used in lots of different lessons to aid your child’s learning in an engaging way.

GoBubble is available during school hours for them to use. If you would also like them to be able to use it outside of school you have two options in how you can give your consent:

1. You can send a note back to us confirming your consent and once we’ve collected them in we can record the consent on your behalf

2. If you’d like your child to use the site even quicker you can visit and follow the online steps. This includes a verification email sent to you for you to use the secure Yoti ID tool to help prove it’s only you giving the consent.

GoBubble has been created by a team led by a former Police Sergeant, so they place a great emphasis on safety and security.

If you would like to learn more about GoBubble please visit



Watch this video to see how GoBubble works for students of all ages as a safe and fun social media for student communications.