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Space & NASA for Littles

Space for Littles

Please join me for a 5-part series
Live Virtual Adventures in SPACE
for grades K-3



      • April 12th, 10 am Class: Virtual Adventures Class Code: 8jdE58

👽MEET Link:

Kinder participation requires an adult learning coach
to be present with them during the classes.

If you want to CAST this live stream to your TV, please figure out how that works on your system before we start the class. I cannot help you with that part.

📌 May 3rd: NASA requires a parental consent form. This will be opening up for all students in grades 1-3 in the Virtual Academy. You must complete both the registration and the NASA consent form. Consent forms are due by April 24th.

👽 My YouTube Channel for Live Stream Casting: