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Interactive way for middle school age children to explore how decisions made in their digital lives can affect their relationships and futures using choose-your-own-path games. (English and Spanish versions available)

Play your way to being Internet Awesome with Interland, an online adventure that puts key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practice with four challenging games

Reading, phonics & math – educational games, movies, books, songs, and more for children K-3

Fun games and videos that will get you up and moving

Learn touch typing online using TypingClub’s free typing games, typing tests and videos

Stack and unstack the cups by typing the keyboard characters on them. Try to use the home row ASDFJKL: while playing

Teach an online network by adding your own drawings to the world’s largest doodle data set

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In this activity, children will create pixel art in Google Sheets by typing letters into cells that correspond to a colored grid.

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Shapegrams is the brainchild of Tony Vincent, author of the Learning in Hand blog/website. Tony developed this website to provide students with online opportunities to become familiar with drawing tools and encourage creativity. To learn more about Shapegrams, please visit

Tony has made his first 4 Shapegram activities free to everyone and the activity links are posted below. If you wish to access more of these activities, please talk to your parents about purchasing a membership. You can also create your own designs by going directly to Google Drawings.

NOTE: You must have a Google account to access the links below.

To get started, click on the buttons below to access the activity. After clicking each button, you will see a button labeled MAKE A COPY. Select this button and then click MAKE A COPY a second time.

Once you have made a copy, that activity file will be stored on your Google Drive.

Each activity consists of an instructional video that explains the lesson along with detailed written instructions.

It is strongly encouraged that you start with the MAKE A HOUSE activity first to learn the basics of Google Drawings and move on through the activities in this order: FACE, ICE CREAM CONE, LION

If you would like to create drawings of your own, you can click the link here to access a blank canvas in Google Drawings. You can also access Google Drawings from your Google Drive by clicking NEW>MORE>Google Drawings.