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– Otter Spotters

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Let’s Learn About Otters

Otter Spotters (Grades PreK-2)


Learn all about adorable sea otters and the kelp forest habitat they call home. Move like a sea otter and create your own sea otter puppet using simple materials. Practice observing otter behaviors just like a biologist would.

During the live stream, we will be going to the Otter Spotters course.
WE WILL DO THIS COURSE TOGETHER. When I tell you, you will click “Enroll for free” to get started!

Come swim with me in the Beyond Blue game’s peaceful ocean as we dive into the courses provided by the Monterey Bay Aqarium. This course will explore ocean themes and specifically introduces students to the world of otters.


OTTER SPOTTERS – Replay from the live stream

Otter Spotters 1

Otter Spotters 2

Otter Spotters 3

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