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Make the Teacher Work Game

The goal is to make the teacher work grading homework. The class gets to advance the teacher one square for every
10 assignments submitted and done correctly. Each square = 10 submitted class homework assignments. It’s possible
to earn a total of 3 whole class ClassDojo points. CLICK THE GAME IMAGE TO SEE YOUR PROGRESS!

Tech for Littles

Tech for Littles

My YouTube Channel Link for Live Casting to TV:




The Secret of Change is to focus all of your energy on not fighting the old, but on building the new.

Welcome to Ms. Grennier’s Virtual Academy class for 2020-2021. This promises to be an eventful year with exciting challenges and opportunities for the students of my class. 

This Classroom Stream website and our Buzz Classroom hold the lessons for our class. Parents will have access to their student’s Buzz Classroom once they complete the registration process with the teacher. This requires a valid email account.

Students and parents are strongly encouraged to check communications several times a day.

In addition, we communicate with each other daily using Gmail, ClassDojo, Text Messaging, and GoBubble. Students are required to check their Gmail accounts on an hourly basis during school hours, and first thing every morning for important announcements and links from the teacher.


At the top of every page of this website is the Classroom Livestream feed. Students will be able to navigate through the website in realtime while the livestream continues to play. That’s helpful to students who do not have Smart TV access at home.

Bobbie GrennierStudents who do have Smart TV or device access at home should do the following:

The best way for students to work in a LIVE online environment is to hook up your Smart TV or device to the classroom’s livestream on Youtube. If you have a Smart TV, Firestick, Roku, Playstation, Xbox, etc., hook it up to Youtube so your students can watch the class livestream and the prerecorded classroom videos. This frees up the student’s Chromebook to be able to do assignments along with the teacher during the LIVE classtime. Also, Smart TVs and devices can access the internet, which means you can access this website on your TV as well. Many students have complained that the screen on their Chromebooks is too small to see assignments or media the teacher is sharing. The best way to overcome this issue is for students to access the material from their Smart TV or device. I realize that not every household has this option, but if you do I’d advise you to use it.

PLEASE NOTE: The Chromebooks will do fine for students to complete their assignments, and Chromebooks have a zoom function to help students as needed.


ClassDojo keeps Ms. Grennier’s class in the know and connected. Communications and announcements happen in the ClassDojo app. All parents should join ClassDojo in order to receive classroom communications from Ms. Grennier.

Ms. Grennier’s Office Hours Friday 10-12 pm. Schedule appointments using Gmail.

Text Ms. Grennier at ‪831 – 531 – 8391‬


You are NOW a Member of a very different Classroom!

Students participate in this class in-person, using a Chromebook and also at home using their TV to access Ms. Grennier’s Youtube LIVE channel.

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Tech for Littles

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Microphone Etiquette

Community Guidelines on Microphone Etiquette for Littles Thank you to @kindrockets for this slideshow to teach littles Microphone Etiquette for our live class sessions. This class lesson is part of Digital Citizenship and counts as Technology time.

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Here’s a quick video tutorial for littles on how to submit their creative work on Buzz.

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